What delivery options do I have?

We have experience in a variety of container delivery methods. Most commonly we use tilt-tray trucks,.

Please ask our experienced staff if you need further information about delivery of your storage container.

Tilt trays are around 2.5m wide plus mirrors – ideally an opening of 3m is required to enter the property.  It may be possible to enter gates
with an opening between 2.6m and 3m depending on the fence height etc.  If you are unsure, call our staff and they will happily advise you of
the options available.

What do I need to do to prepare the site where the container will go?

The site should be fairly level but rarely needs earthworks to flatten it out.   The container can be on a slight slope either lengthwise and/or
across so long as all 4 corners are supported.

Regardless of the level of the site, we recommend that wooden blocks or pavers are placed under each corner of the container.  This allows
air to circulate under the container and provides inspection points for pest control.  

We recommend 100mm off the ground – a 2.4m treated pine sleeper cut into 8 x 30cm lengths will provide 2 blocks for each corner.  
Additional blocks or pavers can be used to level the container.  We do not recommend using more than 200mm of blocks.

What type of padlock should I use?

If you are using the Lockbox, you will need to buy a padlock with a longer shank.  The measurement between the padlock body and the inside
curve of the shackle when closed needs to be 38mm (1.5 inches).  

If you are only using the locking bars to secure the container, a standard padlock is sufficient.  Some padlocks have a protective shroud
which protects the shackle from cutting when closed.

We do not sell padlocks – your local hardware store or locksmith will be able to supply these.
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